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My Organised Chaos

Welcome to my organised chaos of a blog.  I chose to create this blog to share how I manage to stay organised and maintain a balance between college, work and life.  I should at this point mention that I am only 16 so I have limited experience compared to someone, say 10 years my senior, but I believe I can give some insight into how a college student maintains a decent work-life balance.  Heres a few things you should know about me before you decide to stick around:

I consider myself to be a workaholic (i have also been told this multiple times by parents, friends and tutors).

Although I can organise work projects and college work I CANNOT keep my living environment, AKA my bedroom, organised for more than a week.

I like to have a structure to my day, this means I really enjoy timetabling my day/week.

I am studying music technology at college and hope to get a job in the music industry. (Hopefully in management)

I hope this blog will be as helpful as I intend it to be.

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